Mossville Staff Neighborhood Drive-thru Information

Neighborhood Drive Thru - Friday, April 3

Mossville Families,

What are you doing between 3:30 and 5:00 on Friday, April 3? Well, we hope you and your families will wave from your porches or windows to our staff as we drive through your neighborhood. Remember to practice social distancing! Do not congregate as large groups. If we don’t go directly past your house, go to the baseball fields at Mossville or Rome, the lake at Lake of the Woods, the school or soccer field across from the school or another open area.

Here is our route for Friday (note that the times listed are approximate):

3:30 - Lake of the Woods Begin at the Plaza. L on Woodside, L on Wonderview, R on N Whispering Woods this will turn into Tall Trees as we follow it around. R to W Wonderview and past the Lake up the hill to Hickory Grove Rd. Hickory Grove Road winds around to Rt 40 where we will head South.

Left onto E. Mossville Road to head down to Rt. 29

3:45 - Brookview/The Lanes

At Rt 29 take a R to head South. R onto E Fairview St., L onto E Brookview Ln follow this around, R onto Brookhill Rd, R to Brookview Dr , L to Rt. 29.

Head directly across Rt 29 to E Resthaven, R onto N Broadway to E Dean St, L on Cross, L onto E Resthaven Rd back to Rt. 29 where we will turn R. to the Mossville Little League complex (Fairview St) (This is a good spot if families need to drive to see us)

Turn R onto Rt 29 heading North

Turn L onto Mossville Road and R onto State St. Follow this across Rt 6 driving past Mossville School. R onto Cedar Hills Dr

3:55 - Cedar Hills Estates

L onto Bayberry. L to Dover Ln which will wind around to E Cedar Point which turns into N Wildflower, R to Wild Spruce, L on Cloverleaf, R on Bridle Ln, R on Pine Ridge which leads back to Dover Ln where we will take a R, L onto Hurricane to the stop sign at Wayne Rd. Take a right onto Wayne Rd.

4:10 - Pinewood Estates At stop sign at end of Wayne Road, turn left onto Rome West Road. R into Pinewood. All the way to the end of this street. Turn R and we will wind around this street to get back to the street where we entered. L back to Rome West Rd.

4:20 - Galena Knolls

Left into Galena Knolls. Left onto N Brougham Dr to end of neighborhood. This will turn into N Regency Park Place. Follow this around back to the front. Left on Rome West Road again.

4:30 - Rome

Rome West Rd to R to E Lawrence Ave, L onto N Von Achen. Von Achen will end near the Shell station and we will go L. onto Knox. R onto N 6th St, 6th St will continue, L to N Admiral Rd., R to Crews, R to GI Joe. L on Washington. Across Rt 29 at Sliders Pizza, FIrst R onto Third St, left on LaSalle and L River Beach Dr and around the baseball diamonds at Rome. Back to Rt 29

4:50 - Woodland Heights

Rt 29 to Cloverdale Rd heading west. L onto Old Galena and R on E Hallock Hollow, R on Miller Rd, R onto E Lake Shore Dr, R on N Twin Roads Dr, R on E Swords, R on N Timberlake Dr which leads back to E Lake Shore Dr